Garage Door Opener Remote

Having a garage door remote can make your life easier for you; however, choosing the right opener can be a little challenging. Whit it is true that each manufacturer may require specific replacement remote, universal remotes are also popular these days. The key here is to find out the features and the remote size you need. Usually, full-remotes can be clipped onto the car visor. Some may find this convenient, although others are saying it could be risky in case your vehicle gets stolen. On the other hand, there are also mini-remotes that you can clip onto your keychain, which can operate just like the standard-size remote.

garage door opener remote

The search for the garage door opener remote

Always consider the maker and the model details on the motor unit. You can usually find this on the garage ceiling. You may also check the external receiver located near the wire antenna. Refer to the user manual to find out the exact replacement for your garage door remote. Jot down the important details such as the brand and model number. Make sure to provide this information when you purchase a unit at the local hardware or when you buy online. Keep in mind that this goes for older garage door openers as most of the universal remotes may not work on older models. Always check the compatibility to make sure you get the right device.

Universal Garage Door Remote Controls

There are universal garage door remote controls available in the market. This device may be used with most brands of newer garage door openers. However, you still need to know the manufacturer to make sure it works for your garage door and with the program remote. Some universal remotes are also programmable to open one or multiple garage doors. In addition, universal remotes with light control switch may also allow you to turn on the garage lights or your home lights. This might be the best option for more updated door openers.

The Buttons

Check the number of buttons on your garage door remote. This is how you can determine how many devices you can manage. For example, if you have two garage doors and a remote-controlled garage light, you probably need three buttons. Usually, the remotes are available with up to four to five buttons.

Programming the Remote

When you buy a remote for particular model, the process is usually simple. Basically, you just need to press, hold, and release the buttons in the pattern indicated in the user manual. The device will automatically read the right radio frequencies for your garage door. On the other hand, some universal remotes are complicated. You may need to configure the dip switches on the device to determine the garage door opener brand and the radio frequency. Remember, the manufacturer or the shop should always provide you a full set of programming instructions. With us, we can do the configuration setting for your device.

Wireless Keypads

Yes, there are advanced garage door opener remotes with a wireless keypad. Most devices with wireless keypads allow you to open up three different gates or garage doors. Usually, you can simply mount this outside the garage so family members can also have access without the remote—or you may also set a security code to open or close the garage door. This is more convenient, especially if you have lost or misplaced your remote.